The Help Organize for Public Education site ( a.k.a. HOPE )is CUEA's affiliate political action committee whose
primary purpose is to to make political and legislative gains for students, teachers, and public education.

This politics and legislation page is your access to information about CUEA's efforts in this regard. It's purpose
is also to inform the teacher and the community about ways in which they can affect the legislative process.
National Educaton Association (NEA)

The NEA Representative Assembly, which meets annually, will be meeting this year from July 3 - July 8, 2016 in Washington D.C.


This assembly meets annually and receives teacher representatives from every State in the US. The assembly meets for 5 days to determine national education legislation and policy direction. The assembly frequently will feature a national political figure as a keynote speaker.


CUEA will be sending three representatives this year as part of the California delegation.


More information as it arrives.