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The CUEA and CUSD bargaining teams met all day for Fact Finding on Tuesday, December 12. Both parties agreed to an additional meeting date on January 11, 2018. The Fact Finding neutral has directed both sides to keep confidential all details regarding the Fact Finding. Information following the next meeting will be released as soon as the neutral permits us to go out to our members. At this point we are all committed to letting the process work.

From The Bargaining Chair - December 1st
Dear CUEA Members: For many of you, the recent postings on the CUSD public website designed to discredit our bargaining position are eerily familiar. Veteran teachers will remember past superintendents such as James Fleming in the 1990s and early 2000s and Roberta “Bobbie” Mahler in 2009 who tried, unsuccessfully, to discredit CUEA members in the public eye while instigating division among certificated personnel as they took a united stand.

Now, Superintendent Vital is doing the same. Why?

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Recruit and Retain the Best! Activities Update - November 28
Resolution - sign the CUEA Resolution! It will be presented to the School Board on Wed. Dec. 6.
December 1 Activity - what will your school do to let the public know?
December 6 - Attend the School Board Meeting to show support.
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Incident Report - October 19
- Please be aware that it is against the law for District administration to impose any sort of reprisals due to your involvement in CUEA activities. Please see this Incident Report Form now!

Bargaining Process Flowchart - October 17
- the CUEA Bargaining Support Team has organized a growing
level of activity to encourage our district to settle.

Bargaining Support Team News - September 29
- the CUEA Bargaining Support Team has organized a growing
level of activity to encourage our district to settle.

"CUEA Bargaining Presentation" - August 2017
- A detailed MS PowerPoint presentation explaining where current
negotiations started, the process it has taken and it's current status.

"Bargaining Bytes" - May 9  
- How CUSD Rates In County Adding Employee Health Care Costs

"Bargaining Bytes" - April 28  
- CUSD Salary Rankings In County


February 13

Contract Officially Approved By School Board

The Trustees approved the new 2016-19 contract agreement between CUSD and CUEA by a unanimous vote at their February 13 meeting. Updated salary schedules are now posted on the District website under the Human Resource Services Dept. The February paychecks will reflect the new salaries (as well as the new federal tax rates). Retro pay should be in the March paychecks.

January 12

CUSD and CUEA Leaders Strike An Accord

CUSD and CUEA negotiations come to an end as a deal is struck that will continue through the 2018-19 school year. The specific details of the accord are available only through CUEA representatives of each school site. Voting should take place sometime within the next week.

December 5th

Highlights From the District's Latest
Budget Update -- More Revenue

More Revenue
The following shows the positive changes to the District’s revenue since the September 2017 budget update:
  • Total Revenue has increased from $470.6 million to $481.3 million from September to December -- due to increased revenue from LCFF, Title I, mandated costs reimbursement, and gifts.
  • The Unrestricted Ending Balance has increased an additional $4.69 million. This brings the total Unrestricted Reserve to $60.83 million.
District Priorities
The following are highlights from the District’s change in spending priorities from their September 2017 budget to the latest budget:

Salaries & Health Benefits -- Decrease in Priority
  • CUEA Salaries Only: Percentage of expenditures has decreased
    from 39.60% to 39.09%. This represents a decrease in expenditures of $149,860 from the September Budget. (CSEA has also seen a decline in their percentage of expenditures) NOTE: The chart below includes CUMA members incorrectly placed in the CUEA bargaining unit budget from the 2012-13 through 2015-16 school years (approximatel 30+ CUMA members).

    graph of unit salaries

  • CUEA Positons: The District is showing a decrease in CUEA over the next two years. Currently, their budget lists that CUEA has 2178.2 full-time equivalent employees (FTE). In 2018-19, this will decrease to 2152 FTE and will decrease again in 2019-20 to 2133 FTE. (The District is showing that both CSEA and CUMA will experience no decline in positions through 2019-20).

  • Health Benefits: The District is showing a decrease in percentage of expenditures in health benefits from 8.56% to 8.48%. While the amount of spending has increased slightly, the decrease in percentage of expenditures is due to increased spending in other areas.

    graph of unit benefits
Increase in Priority
CUMA Salaries Only: Percentage of expenditures has increased from 5.36% to 5.45%. This results in additional spending of $783,359 from the September Budget.

Books and Supplies: Percentage of expenditures has increased from 3.14% to 4.41%. This represents additional spending of $2.86 million from the September budget.

Services & Other: Percentage of expenditures has increased from 9.13% to 9.26%. This represents additional spending of $3.98 million from the September budget. This additional expenditure is due to increased number of consultants projected to be hired since September 2017.

graph of District Services

(PDF Version of this report)

(more bargaining information below)


Current Negotiations Dates;

January 12 (Factfinding 2)
December 12 (Factfinding)
October 17
September 19
August 30(info meeting)
August 28(info meeting)
August 18
June 29
June 5
May 23
May 11
April 24
April 13
March 29 (Postponed)
March 13
March 3
February 13

January 30

December 12

November 17
November 9
October 13


December 1st

CUSD Superintendent Spending More Time Refuting CUEA Information Than Trying To Get A Settlement – That Says A Lot!

The District website has seen a flurry of activity about negotiations over the last two days. Each one of the new items appear to be designed to refute information that CUEA has put out to its members.

The following are a few comments regarding each of the items posted:
  • Last Proposal Comparison Between CUSD and CUEA – “The Teacher Wallet”..
  • OC Districts – 2016-17 Teacher Salary Comparisons . . .
  • CUSD Management Position Analysis . . .
  • CUSD Elementary Teacher Recruitment . . .

(See the complete report in PDF format)

November 29 LAO: Revenue to Schools is Better Than Projected
The Legislative Analyst’s Office( LAO) is estimating that there will be an increase in the Prop 98 guarantees in both the current year and upcoming year . . .

Update on Factfinding
CUEA and the District are in the process of fulfilling the statutory requirements to conduct a factfinding hearing. The parties have selected the three panel members . . .

Full-Day Kindergarten proposals from District are Confusing, Counter-Productive and Illegal
In a previous CUEA Bargaining Update, we outlined issues that are currently occurring with the District’s fullday Kindergarten proposal. To summarize, the District’s 12th hour bargaining proposal implements full-day kindergarten and bypasses CUEA’s contract provision. . .

(See the complete report in PDF format)

October 25

CUSD Final Offers - Bargaining In Bad Faith?

On 4:15 PM on Tuesday, your CUEA Bargaining Team received the last, best, and final offers from the District. No, you did not misread that. The District gave the Association two formal offers - Option 1 and Option 2. This is confusing and out-of-the-norm. What may not be surprising is that neither offer is palatable nor should be accepted on behalf of teachers by the CUEA bargaining team . . .

(See the complete report in PDF format)

October 20

CUEA Bargaining Goals

Our bargaining goal remains the same as it have been since bargaining started in August of 2016: recruit and retain excellent educators for CUSD. Therefore, we have maintained two bargaining priorities: . . .

(See the complete report in PDF format)

October 17

Mediation Fails Between

Today the mediation process between your CUEA Bargaining Team and the District came to an end without a contract settlement. As required by state labor law, negotiations will proceed to the next step which is Factfinding. A snapshot of the Factfinding process is included below . . .

(See the complete report in PDF format)

October 6

No Contract Settlement?
2018 Health Benefits Open Enrollment

Currently, the contract between CUEA and CUSD is not settled. The third session between the parties and a state appointed mediator is scheduled for October 17. Unless a settlement occurs on or near that date, you may not have information regarding what the negotiated 2018 Health Benefits employee out-of-pocket amounts will be prior to the end of Open Enrollment. Open Enrollment packets currently reflect the 2016 health benefit caps . . .

(See the complete report in PDF format)

September 29

CUSD's 'Ending Balance' - The Real Story

District's Unrestricted Ending Balance
Continues to Increase Each Year

In the District’s budget, there is a category called the Ending Balance. This money is what is left in reserve each year. Some of this money is restricted and can only be used for certain things. Some of this money is unrestricted and can be used for any purpose.. . .

(See the complete report in PDF format)

September 19

Your bargaining team and the District met with the state appointed mediator for the second time. In accordance with state labor laws, discussions that take place during mediation are confidential; however, we can share that no agreement was reached by the parties. An additional date has been scheduled for Tuesday, October 17. . .

(See the complete report in PDF format)

August 18

Your bargaining team and the District met with the state appointed mediator for the first time. In accordance with state labor laws, discussions that take place during mediation are confidential. However, we can share that no agreement was reached by the parties. An additional date has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 19, 2017.. . .

(See the complete report in PDF format)

June 29

Your bargaining team met with the district today for the 16th time. Your team presented a formal counter-proposal based on the district’s offer from May 23rd. The offer included creative health and welfare suggestions as well as an effort to minimize costs on the salary and longevity increases. The district continues to ignore requests on significant portions of our salary schedule. CUEA feels that these increases to both salary and longevity are necessary in order to keep our salaries competitive. . .

(See the complete report in PDF format)

May 23

On May 23, 2017, your bargaining team concluded the fourteenth bargaining session with the District. CUEA provided the district team with another comprehensive counter proposal first thing in the morning. The counter proposal from your bargaining team addressed ongoing language issues and proposed several creative solutions to increase wages and health benefits to members. . .

(See the complete report in PDF format)

May 11

On May 11, 2017, your bargaining team concluded the thirteenth bargaining session with the District. Progress was made at the bargaining table as a result of your efforts. The Board of Trustees has directed the district bargaining team to make a two-year proposal with ongoing salary increases. We feel that the two sides have finally started to move closer together, and that a settlement might soon be possible. . .

(See the complete report in PDF format)

April 24

On April 24 CUEA concluded its twelfth bargaining session with the District. Progress was made on language in Articles 5 and 8. After the exchange of proposals, the parties remained far apart on financial priorities. The District dug in their heels and decided that they cannot make any ongoing increases and expenditures to the salary schedule for at least the next five years, even though other districts have offered on-going salary schedule increases. CUSD continues to slide in the rankings as a result. . .

(See the complete report in PDF format)

April 13

CUEA and the district concluded their eleventh bargaining session today. The district presented a comprehensive counter proposal in response to the original proposals presented by CUEA back on March 20. In an effort to keep the process moving forward, CUEA then provided a counter-proposal to the district before the end of the session. Progress has been made on contractual language issues. Unfortunately, the two parties remain a significant distance apart on financial issues at this point. . .

(See the complete report in PDF format)

March 20

(Emergency Bargaining Meeting)
Thank you to those of you who were able to attend the board meeting on March 22. It was an amazing show of strength! We appreciate the support and feel it will help us in getting the board to move off their 0% proposal and onto a comprehensive package that is more fair and reasonable.

During our emergency bargaining session on Monday, March 20, your CUEA team walked the
district through an economic presentation hoping to open up discussions about financial
possibilities. The CUSD team feels they will need extra time to analyze the budget numbers and has requested to postpone our March 29 session and reschedule on April 13.

The CUEA team has been ready to move on financial issues since January! We are upset and disappointed by the district's stalling and failure to bargain in good faith. However, CUEA feels meeting before the district has yet another opportunity to construct a worthwhile proposal would be unproductive. Therefore, we will wait to meet with the district on April 13.

We feel that the showing at the board meeting last week, the upcoming board meeting on April 12, and your continued emails to board trustees will give us the leverage we need in getting the district to propose a legitimate settlement. CUEA is committed to working towards that end.

On April 13, we expect:

  • A fair financial proposal
  • Ongoing absorbtion of health and welfare increases
  • Article 8 language for special ed
March 13

Your bargaining team has been asking CUSD for an economic proposal since November. After much stalling, and with no explanation by their team, CUEA finally received a comprehensive proposal from the district that the bargaining team found tobe an insult to the work done by the educators of this district.


For Article 14, the district proposed a 0% increase to the existing salary schedule, even though surrounding districts with similar comparable LCFF funding, received raises.


Show of strength at the March 22 Board Meeting. Get all the details by downloading the CUEA Bargaining Update for March 13.

March 3

CUEA and CUSD met on Friday, March 3, for the eighth time this year.

CUEA and CUSD were able to reach a tentative agreement on Article 10 (Leaves). This article now reflects current legislation on pregnancy disability leave, child bonding leave, and family care leave.  CUEA and CUSD both feel that the changes made to Article 10 are positives for our members.

CUSD provided information based on the State Second Interim Budget Report given in January which outlines education funding information for the fiscal year. There was much discussion as to its effect on the ongoing financial status of the District. Please see your printed Bargaining Bytes for more detailed information on this topic.

On March 13, CUSD has promised a comprehensive package including the following:

Article 5 (hours of employment)

Article 8 (class size)

Article 13 (health and welfare)

Article 14 (salary)

CUSD withdrew Article 9 (transfers) and CUEA agreed that this was acceptable; therefore, the language within this article will stay status quo.
January 30

CUEA and CUSD met on Monday, January 30, for the sixth time this year.  

Article 13 (Health and Welfare) and Article 14 (Wages):  
CUEA received an economic outlook from CUSD’s perspective.  This was based on a conference jointly attended by CUEA and CUSD in which the California budget for next year was presented conservatively. Now that the governor’s proposed budget is clearer, CUEA is moving forward with a total compensation proposal for our members. In an effort to expedite this, we’ve added two additional bargaining sessions in February and March. Our priorities are to have competitive salary and health benefits for our members.

Article 10 (Leaves):
We were able to make positive progress to align with new California legislation.  This legislation expands the eligibility for leaves for child bonding purposes.

Article 5 (Hours of Employment):
CUEA’s initial proposal was intended to clean up language and provide parity amongst the various job titles (Teachers, Counselors, Nurses, Psychologists, and Speech Pathologists) and resolve ongoing special education issues.  The district offered a counterproposal that does not reflect the priorities of our membership.

December 12

The 5th negotiation session between CUEA and the district was held on Monday, December 12.

Articles open for negotiation include;
Articles 5 (Hours of Employment),
8 (Class Size) ,
9 (Transfers),
10 (Leaves),
13 (Health & Welfare Benefits) &
14 (Wages). 


No significant movement to report yet. Members of both negotiations teams did attend a statewide training on January 18th, with regard to the State's January budget report and it's effect on school districts.

November 17, 2016 Bargaining Session held - no movement.
November 9, 2016 Bargaining Session held - no movement.
October 13, 2016

The CUEA bargaining team met with the district on Thursday, October 13. CUEA opened;

Article 5 (Hours of Employment),

Article 8 (Class Size). 


The district opened;

Article 9 (Transfer & Reassignment of Personnel),
Article 10 (Leaves). 
Article 13 (Health & Welfare).


Opened by mutual agreement;

Article14 (Wages).

Bargaining session number 3 will take place on Wednesday, November 9.

May 31, 2016

Team Planning Session
The current agreement covers both 2015-16 and 2016-17, we nevertheless will be bargaining for wages, health and welfare, and two other articles for the 2016-17 year.

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Website Issues?

Please email webmaster@cuea.org

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CUSD and Brandman University are hoping to start cohorts with Brandman for the summer and fall of 2017. There will be opportunities for both scholarships and career advancement. Information meetings will be held at the District Office in Training Rooms 2 & 3 on the following dates:

  • Thursday, March 16, 4:00 – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday, March 22, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

To sign up or for more specific information, click here.


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A-G Board Meeting Image






The NEA Representative Assembly is being held in Boston, MA this year from June 29 – July 6. We have several people from CUEA who are vying to be CTA state delegates from Orange County at this assembly.

The election will be held by CUEA Building Representatives at school sites between Wednesday, March 13 – Friday, March 15. Active members only may vote for less than but no more than 20 of the candidates listed on the ballot. Here are the CUEA candidates with their number on the ballot (there is a total of 57 candidates for the Orange County area).

  • #10 Joy Schnapper
  • #18 Nona Brinkman Reimer
  • #27 Michael Hulse
  • #35 Manisha (Kulkarni)-Fish
  • #44 Sally White
  • #46 Christy Watson Heidner
  • #49 Robyn L. Nixon



Candidacy statement for CUEA Executive Officers and other Executive Board positions are currently available for the CUEA General Election, which will be held in April. CUEA Reps will be given candidacy statements at the next Rep Council meeting this coming Tuesday, March 7, to distribute to members. If you are an active member of CUEA and are interested in becoming more involved in leadership in CUEA, now is your chance.

Candidacy statements are due on Tuesday, March 28 by 4:30 PM to the CUEA Office, and may be sent through district mail or delivered to 27422 Aliso Creek Rd., Suite 100, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656.

The following offices/positions are up for election:

First Vice President ($1,500/year stipend)
Second Vice-President ($1,500/year stipend)
Secretary ($1,300/year stipend)
(2) High School Representatives-at-Large ($1,000/year stipend)
(1) Middle School Representative-at-Large ($1,000/year stipend)
(3) Elementary School Representatives-at-Large ($1,000/year stipend)
(1) CTA State Council Delegate ($1,000/year stipend)
Building Representative(s) ($599/year stipend)



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Every spring CUEA offers scholarships to the children of our members who are currently high school seniors planning to attend college in the fall. In order to be eligible students must meet the following criteria:
  • Parent or guardian must be a teacher, speech pathologist, nurse, psychologist, or counselor employed in CUSD
  • Parent or guardian must be a member of CUEA
  • Student must be a graduating senior with an overall GPA of 3.2 or better
  • Student must be planning to attend college
You can find the application online here and also on the CUEA website. Click on “Programs” > “Scholarships.” See this page in the CUEA website for a complete list of CUEA and CTA Scholarships available. Applications are must be returned NO LATER than 4:00 PM on Monday, March 27 to the CUEA office, 27422 Aliso Creek Rd., Suite 100, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656.


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Special Education Task Force






Last year, CUSD brought in the Fiscal Crisis Management Assistance Team (FCMAT), to review the entire Special Education programs and services in the District. This team was specifically looking for deficiencies.  They interviewed representative groups from all stakeholders, including special education and general education educators and support staff, in order to analyze the continuum of services, staffing ratios, class and caseload sizes, the general organization and efficiency of the Special Ed department. After the FCMAT report was issued, the District saw the need for a strategic plan to carry out the suggested reforms. Randi Gibson, Interim Special Education Project Consultant, has been charged with overseeing the formation and implementation of the Strategic Plan.


A Strategic Plan Task Force Advisory Board is currently being formed from applicants.  This Board will oversee and respond to several Strategic Plan Task Force Work Group Committees, including Continuum of Services, Identification-Monitoring-Compliance, Leadership & Communication, and Support Services & Staffing. They will need 1-3 general ed and 1-2 special ed teachers on each of these committees.


In the next couple of weeks there will be an email sent out to all certificated staff requesting volunteers for these committees, with details regarding the task of each committee, meeting dates, times and locations. If you would like to have input on these vital committees, be looking for this email in your school district email box.

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Transfer Process Image





Many of our members are asking for an update on the District’s transfer/hiring process.  Currently, Human Resources is placing all surplus teachers (including those at Crown Valley Elementary).  When that is completed, they will move to place any voluntary transfer requests as possible. After those have been placed, the temporary teachers who are being asked back will be notified of their placements.  Finally, any new hires needed will be selected.  The District has been actively accepting applications and interviewing new candidates to have a pool ready, with the expectation that all schools will be fully staffed by June 30.


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Calendar Image





Beginning Of The Year Contract Reminders

Credit for Summer Classes
If you have taken summer classes for salary credit, you must submit transcripts to the CUSD Personnel Department no later than October 31. Adjustment will be made retroactive to the first working day. CUEA suggests you get the paperwork in much earlier.

Kindergarten Reminder
Kindergarten teachers have priority when signing up for the computer lab and library on ACE days.

Elementary Combo Classes
Three/four combo teachers receive the same release time as 4th grade teachers, 80 minutes of block music release per week.


High School Late Start Days

When putting together the Late Start schedule for the high school school year, it is important that teachers and administration follow the CUEA/CUSD Contract. Article 5.8.3 states that Late Start days at the high school level shall be scheduled with the input and approval of the staff. Teachers shall give input on the frequency, duration and usage of late start days, with no more than four hours per month dedicated to professional development and/or departmental/subject matter collaboration time. And Article 5.8.4 states that Faculty meetings shall be no longer than one hour in length and conducted no more than once a month. Faculty meetings for the month will occur on an ACE/Late Start day.

This means that teachers must be involved in deciding not only how many Late Start days will be scheduled, but how those days will be used as well. Besides the faculty meeting, other choices Late Start days may include the following: department meeting; staff development; collaboration meetings; independent planning time; and meetings dedicated to the WASC process. For reference, high school teachers may want to refer to Article 5.8.2 which describes in more detail, how ACE (Late Start) days should be spent.

With school closing a week earlier than usual, CUEA suggests that the secret ballot voting be completed prior to the Memorial Day holiday.

Sub Coverage Pay For All Teachers

District office has been releasing teachers for the past few months to attend trainings and meetings which has resulted in a shortage of subs for teachers who are absent on any given day. This means that teachers are being asked to cover each other classes during the school day.

As per Articles 5.12 and 14.7.1 of the CUEA/CUSD Contract, all teachers, elementary and secondary, music and special ed teachers, get paid $35 an hour to cover a colleague’s class if the substitute does not show up, or for as long as it takes for the sub to arrive if the instructional day has already started. Additionally, if students from the absent teacher are sent to other teachers’ classrooms, those teachers also receive $35 an hour as well.

This contract provision is not new, so if you have been covering classes anytime this year, or taking students from another class, without getting paid, notify your principal immediately so the proper paperwork can be completed  - this includes RSP teachers.

Report Card Comments

It has been agreed by both the district and CUEA that elementary teachers are responsible for their own comments on report cards. Therefore, principals should not be asking teachers to submit comments for review, prior to sending to parents. However, principals may access report cards at anytime anyway.

Additionally, teachers need to remember that because the Standards Based Report Card is so specific to each standard, teachers should not need to make many additional comments unless a grade needs to be documented.

Personal Necessity Days
Did You Know There Are 10?

One of the major contract changes effective in 2012-13 is the addition of 3 more Personal Necessity days ("PN Days") Article 10.3, for a total of 10 days. This means all ten (10) of your allotted sick days per year can be used for personal necessity reasons. Keep in mind, you still must tell your principal in advance of the need to take a Personal Necessity day. Also, see the line item below about "No-Tell" days.

Five "No-Tell" Personal
Necessity Days

New contract language was  adopted last spring allowing for five (5) "No Tell" days. Refer to Article 10.3.3 in the CUEA/CUSD Contract now online at the CUEA website. There is no restriction  as to when those days may taken. Keep in mind that these 5 days are part of the 10 PN days allowed per year as enumerated in Article 10.3.

What To Do About Jury Duty

If you are called for jury duty, you have the option to either serve when called, or postpone your service to a non-working day during winter or spring break or the summer vacation months.

If you choose to postpone and serve on your "own time," the district will pay you the same amount they would have paid a regular subsitute. In order to receive the substitute pay, you must submit a copy of the original summons, the notification of postponement of service, and the dated proof of jury service.

If you decide to serve your duty during the school year, the district pays for your sub and the days on jury duty are not counted against your sick leave.

CONTRACTClose Window
Transfer Deadline Image





The transfer process is currently open. Applications must be submitted through www.cusdjobs.org no later than March 1. You only need to complete the top portion of the application. Resumes and letters of recommendation are not required for transfers. You may apply to any school you wish, but not all will have openings. Teachers requesting transfers will be notified of their request no later than April 15.

Calendar Image





At the October 14 Board Meeting, CUSD Trustees voted (5 to 2) to approve the original 2016-17 calendar, Option A, with the mid-August student start date of August 15, full week of Thanksgiving, first semester ending before Winter Break, and final student day on June 1. The Trustees received many emails regarding this issue, and said that the emails were fairly divided, with a little more for early start than against. There were several people (close to 30) who lined up to speak to this agenda item. Of those, about six spoke against early start. The rest, which included several very articulate high school students, four teachers (three high school and one who spoke for her elementary school staff) and several parents (even parents of elementary students) all spoke to the academic and stress reduction benefits of the early start.


One woman, who spoke to the academic argument, talked about encountering new people moving into her neighborhood from out of state who will ask, “How are the schools?” She said that they don’t mean, “What’s the start date of school?” A high school senior insisted the August start date made the only sense, because all students involved in fall sports or pep squad or marching band (about 20% of the students) are back in August anyway. She said, “My family hasn’t taken an August vacation since I was in middle school.” 


All of the high schoolers spoke to the great stress relief of being completely done with finals prior to Winter Break and of the advantage of having three extra weeks of instruction prior to high stakes testing. A couple of the high schoolers, who will be the first in their families to go to college (one is the first high school graduate in his family), mentioned the need for that full Thanksgiving week to prepare applications since they had no parental experience with them. Finally, many spoke about the advantage of being out in early June in order to attend summer school sessions at Saddleback and other colleges.


The arguments for a post-Labor Day start were mostly around problems with air conditioning and the possible added cost of running it during August. Trustees pointed out that the air conditioning issues (which are all over the District) are a separate facilities problem that is definitely a Board priority, but that our hottest weather this year has been in September and October.


Going forward, the District has a plan in place, beginning in the spring of 2016, to collect community input regarding the 2017-18 calendar and beyond, so that all stakeholders feel heard. This will include polling by an independent polling service, small group stakeholder meetings, reconvening of the Calendar Committee, and a community forum to review poll results, and recommendations.



Changes To Standard Disability Insurance

Standard LogoPlan premiums of the Voluntary Disability Insurance, offered through The Standard Insurance Company, will be modified starting September 1, 2015. Over the last decade, CTA members’ salaries have increased while the plan’s salary band and corresponding premiums have not changed. Currently, the highest salary band caps at $67,250+. Participants making $67,250 pay the same as those making $85,000. However, benefits are based on actual earned salary, so participants who pay premiums based on a $67,250 salary but are earning $85,000 are receiving a benefit that is not supported by the premiums. This contributes to a shortfall in premiums and a substantial subsidy by some participants.


To continue to provide high-quality income protection to all CTA members, the salary bands are being modified. This aligns premiums with benefits that are provided by the plan. Two modifications are being made: (1) One premium band for salaries under $44,500, and (2) six new salary bands for members who earn $76,250 and above.


This modification will allow The Standard to continue to provide benefits that so many members depend on (up to 75% income replacement) at premium rates that are among the most competitive in the country. Members who earn between $36,750 and $76,249 in annual salary will have no adjustments to premiums. Members outside of that range will see a premium adjustment and will receive a notification explaining the change. 


If you have any questions,
please call the CTA Customer Service Dept. at 1-800-522-0406
from 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time
or email: CTAService@standard.com.




Catastrophic Leave Bank - Have You Made Your Deposit?

What happens if you become so ill that you use up all of your sick leave? Well, under the contract in Article 10.17, catastrophic leave is defined as “. . . an illness or injury that is expected to incapacitate the employee for an extended period of time, requires the employee to take time off from work for an extended period of time and taking extended time off work creates a financial hardship for the employee because he or she has exhausted all of his or her sick leave and other paid time off."  “Paid time off” would include regular sick leave, extended sick leave (differential) [see 10.2.10], and industrial accident leave.


What do you do then? If you have deposited into the district Sick Leave Bank, you may use sick leave also donated by others, subject to certain restrictions as laid out in all of Article 10.17. You can find out by looking at the contract how to contribute and what the restrictions are.

Don’t wait until it is too late!  Donate now, if you meet the requirements. You will feel like you have some insurance against a catastrophe, and you will be helping your fellow employees in need.


NEA Representative Assembly Applications

The NEA Representative Assembly is the largest annual democratic convention in the United States.  This year it will be held in Orlando, FL from June 30-July 7.  If you would like to be part of California’s CTA delegation you can obtain the candidacy form from the back of your California Educator (Dec or Jan issues) or NEA Today, or you can find the form online at http://www.cta.org/About-CTA/Leadership/NEA-RA.aspx.

This is a big commitment of your time, but it is exciting to participate and represent our members’ interests.  If you are interested in being elected as a delegate, the form must be turned in no later than 5:00 p.m. on January 30, to the CTA Orange Service Center, 281 N. Rampart, Ste. A, Orange, CA 92688 (you can reach that office by phone at 714.978.8861. If you are elected, CTA and CUEA will defray your costs.



State Budget And CUSD

Governor Brown just signed into law the state budget for 2014/15. Below are brief highlights of the budget for school funding.

School District Reserves - The 2014-2015 State Budget includes language that would limit the amount of reserves that school districts statewide would be legally allowed to retain in their local budgets. Passage of this legislation assists us as classroom professionals who advocate for students to be certain that adequate resources will be provided to students and classrooms.

CalSTRS Unfunded Liability – The budget provides a multi-year plan of shared responsibility among the state, school districts and educators to resolve the CalSTRS unfunded liability and provide 100% funding within 32 years. The first year’s increased contributions from all three entities are fairly modest, but escalate further over 3 or 7 years.

Rainy Day Fund– The budget continues the Governor’s proposal for a constitutional amendment for the 2014 ballot to strengthen the existing state budget Rainy Day Fund. This ballot initiative will appear on the November 2014 ballot.

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The results are in for the CUEA General Election. Officers and Executive Board members elected beginning September 1, are as follows:

President (two-year term):  Sally White

Treasurer (two-year term):  Robyn Nixon

High School Reps-At-Large (one-year term):  John Kearsley, Greg Young

Middle School Rep-At-Large (one-year term): Carter Johnson

Elem Reps-At-Large (one-year term):  Susie Moothart, Nona Reimer, Mike Hardos

CTA State Delegate (three-year term): Casey Swenson

CTA State Delegate Alternates (three-year term): Christy Heidner, Robyn Nixon